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Advanced Montessori based curriculum. A Hi-Tech CBSE curriculum. Located in the prime area.

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How are we Differ

Stress free learning ambience, Holistic learning, Latest knowledge awareness programs for parents & children.

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A reasonable application of higher level technology to suit the curriculum and to encourage the students.

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Welcome To Smart Modern School

"Smart Modern School" is an initiative of "Smart Trust" run by six trustees with a motive to provide quality schooling which ensures each student 21st-century education. Tirupur has made its mark in the global textile market and demands an equivalent contribution in the field of education. To bring the standard education with advanced technology, the "Smart Modern School" is established.

The young management of the school with the support of energetic teaching and non-teaching staff ensures participatory and inclusive methods which allow the children an equal opportunity to experiential learning through classroom, out-door activities, excursions and project works. I strongly believe that Smart Modern School is making a positive stride in the field of education. Let us join together for the strong foundation of 21st-century Educations.

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