Parents Meet

  • To monitor the child's growth, all the Saturdays except second Saturday are allotted for parents to meet the teachers

School Kit

  • Absolute aim of the kit is to create uniformity among students. All the necessary support materials are provided for a whole year No worry to parents about uniform , text books, note books, bag, shoes , etc

Nutritious Food and Refreshments

  • 14 day menu designed with the help of a dietician for nutritious diet
  • A complete meal with a starter, main course and a dessert.
  • For Pre KG to Grade I food is served in child friendly manner- ready to eat package
  • Milk is provided to KG kids. Fresh juice / soups are provided from Grade I onwards
  • Buffet System is followed for lunch from Grade II onwards
  • Teachers also have lunch with students to emphasize table manners

Field Trips / Educational Tours : Regular tours and trips are organised to inspiring locations.

Events & Celebrations : Smart Modern School celebrates all the festivals irrespective of religions.

Memories : The photos and videos taken throughout the year will be given in CDs

Kindergarten : Two teacher system in the KG classes ensuring the safety and care of children.